Sunday, 27 March 2011

Set designers

This post looks into how set designers create a working space that hopefully we can look at and learn from.

But What is a Set Designer ?

Set Designers or Production designers work with Directors to create the space for film,theatre and television production you will need to know everything about the scale of the design and the research including props. You are in charge of the overall look. and will have to have knowledge of many key skills as well as discussing ideas to the Directors and communicating with lighting designers, costume designers and set builders. You must understand the costs in order to create the set to budget and have a wide knowledge of historical context and futuristic ideas and be able to oversee the building and dressing of the rooms. This role best describes what are group have done with the exception of construction which we also had to learn, though some exceeded at the hands on construction better then others.

(the images above are sets from Eastenders
The first image shows an aerial shot of numerous rooms in a house in this case it was the Queen Vic Pub in Eastenders, in this photo you can See the 8ft flats that we will build at a later date.
In the second image you can see a fake staircase that doesn't lead anywhere the top of this staircase will be situated most likely in another situation.

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