Monday, 23 May 2011

bits here and there

Fiona cut out the tiles for the heater/fireplace then me and Kirby painted them white then glazed them. Once they were dry we sanded any odd lumps and bumps and passed them to Fiona who had already created multiple designs and they were to be drawn on the tiles using tracing paper a simple process where drawn on one side with pencil the tracing paper is turned over and scribbled over to transfer the design. All the tiles needed to be painted a large group of helped Fiona to quicken the process. We painted over the design with navy blue paint using a fine paintbrush and the passed the tile to another person to paint another part finally ending up with Fiona who painted all the details so that they were all in a similar style they were then glazed to protect them and give them a professional finish. The photos below shows the individual tiles and the finished heater.

(Photos with thanks to Vicky and Sarah )

Props that I have brought to the rooms

One of my favourite items that I brought for the room was a £10 vase from a Charity shop the poor image below shows the vase and the the link below is an antiques website showing the styles of vases and porcelain in the 19th century very similar to mine. I chose this vase because of its pinkish tones and large scale and feel it would fit best in the drawing room due to it colour pallet.

Link to Antiques
Another small vase I brought which I found out later to be an urn can be seen below I'm not so confident in this piece as all though it is the correct colour pallet it may be to minimal for the 19th century style of the room.

I also brought a wall light all though electric it was very fitting with the style in the room it was gold leafed and was a similar colour to the other hand made lights in the rooms.
And finally a silver plated flower holder and a gold candelabra as seen in the cabinet below

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