Thursday, 26 May 2011

What a Tool !

In this post I will skim through the use of tools and equipment we used in this set build and the health and safety and PPE needed.
Before you start any job, you need to weigh it up and decide whether to go ahead. Ask yourself:
  • Is it something I can take on myself?
  • Do I have the right tools and protective equipment?
  • Do I need to get in the experts?
Cutting corners could mean putting yourself at risk, it can end up costing more than you think. NEVER underestimate the difficulty of the job, especially if you are unfit or nervous about heights - get someone else to do it.

Band Saw:
Firstly check your PPE as many times i was wearing unsuitable shoes and was sent packing from the workshop. When using a band saw you must never forget your Safety glasses band saw blades rotate at considerable speed, and small pieces of wood can fly out in nearly any direction.
You should also wear for working with your band saw. Avoid loose fitting clothing, particularly long sleeved shirts, that could get caught in your work or in the band saw blade as you don't want to loose a hand !
Remember when you start up the band saw and wait until the motor is at full speed before beginning any cut. When operating a band saw, always place the wood flat against the table. Do not attempt to "free-hand" the wood in mid-air that wold just be stupid ! The wood must remain flat on the surface of the table at all times during the cut to make sure you get a straight clean cut.

When cutting curves, draw the outline of your curve on the wood before hand Then, keeping the wood flat against the table, ease the wood through the saw along the outer edge of the cut line. It is better to leave excess wood outside the line that can be sanded down at a later date. remember to take your time and not rush any cuts especially curved lines as if you mess up it cant really be fixed again.

Nail Gun:
As per usual always wear safety glasses there are many simple ways to use a nail gun but so many dangers i thought it would be easier to bullet point the obvious ones.

  • Do not hold the trigger down unless you're purposefully firing the tool. This is especially important when descending ladders.
  • Never point the tool at anyone. Treat the tool like a firearm. Never assume the tool is empty.
  • Do not fire the tool unless the nose is firmly pressed against a work piece.
  • Keep your free hand safely out of the way of the tool.
Glue gun

I was going to write the health,safety and correct usage of a glue gun but we aren't that stupid so i thought I'd tell you an interesting fact instead.
Hot glue guns range in temperature form around 250 to 430 degrees INTERESTING

Hand Sander

Using the hand sander was just plain annoying the vibrations made my hands go numb and the dust coming off covered your hands and made gripping difficult which s very dangerous when the off button is situated on the sander !

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